Introducing our new office and Delbion team


On October 1st, Delbion welcomed Carolina García and Santiago Fernández,  the new members of our team who will work in Research and Development area (R&D). Also, Delbion opened their new headquarters on Goya Street 47.




During September, we were looking for a new team to develop our current and future projects in 2013.


Carolina García is  CADIT Apps development manager. Technical Engineering in Computer Management, she owns two masters (J2EE and business architecture, IT and Telecommunications) and a extensive experience as an analyst.
Delbion  ScrumOur daily scrum

Santiago worked in several companies in the UK and U.S. MSC Information Technology for Management, he has developed applications in different sectors (healthcare, motor vehicle and education). Santiago is Delbion mobile apps development manager.

It is a pleasure to introduce our team our new customers and partners. They are working every day on our developments with dedication and effort.



Delbion Team

Our new team