The Royal Olympic Shooting Federation used CADIT as a nucleus for their web sites

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RFEDETO launches new website with many facilities for sportspeople.
Using CADIT like a core allows RFEDETO to select which content each user is allowed to see and managing a editors team for each areas and microsites.

A smart user registration allows filtering from the time of registartion the information that each user will have available in its private area.

Tiro Olímpico magazine may also be accessed online by all sportspeople. RFEDETO soon will also have a shop

The High Performance Center (CEAR) Juan Carlos I also has its place, and the Latin American Confederation of Tyre (CIT).

Delbion has performed a totally tailored design to RFEDETO needs. The versatility and flexibility of the site allows RFEDETO growth and constantly updating its content to meet the demands of their users, and reaffirm its online presence.

Since early January, RFEDETO has in production its new website. With a new image, the Royal Federation has chosen a complete and versatile site to provide the best information and services to athletes and fans of this sport.

From now on, all web site visitors can learn about the RFEDETO history, specialties and sport practice with its detailed and explanatory videos. They may also consult all training programs and courses of the Spanish School of Tyre.

The website also aims to be a useful tool for people who practice the Olympic Shooting. Athletes can:

  • Check the fixture list by specialties
  • Documentation access related to championships and competitions
  • Keeping up to date on rules and regulations
  • Get information about news and events
  • Link to the main international and regional federations.

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