Boing y Live! Audiovisual are using CADIT


Our customers, Boing and Live! Audiovisual, are already using CADIT as a platform and technological support in the Cloud. Both are managing tools for working all Internet presence in a intuitive and independent way (website, news, videos, social networking presence ...), reducing costs and improving time optimization.


Target for Boing Program is entrepreneurs, people who want to redefine their future and open new proffesionals line through innovative Visual Thinking and Co-Creation.


Delbion deployed CADIT, providing to Boing a solid platform to offer their services to all members of its program.


We also participate in training courses giving all our knowledge and experience for workshops.

 logo Boing


Live! Audiovisual is developing audiovisual information and contents for big customers.

Professionals in distribution of content for high quality streaming. Providing the spanish most important media (El País, ABC, Vocento, AS, EFE ...), with 15 years of experience.

Live! Audiovisual is using CADIT to update its website and the whole process of online communication with their customers.
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