Delbion is preparing the next step in Fair Business Deal

fair business deal logoDelbion manages Business Fair Deal software.


After migration of Fair Business Deal to version 1.8, begins the development of a version with high ambitions.

In the new release is considerably improved integration through web services and web-crawls with professional networks and most used search engines.

The social network of FBD entrepreneurs and business aims to change the way you create value and generate more business and offers.

FBD wants to serve as a bridge between new business and experienced professionals who can combine their current work to help in the development of these new businesses at a fair price to generate more business, and business dealings.


FBD objectives are:

  • Enhance collaborations
  • Comapnies coalition building
  • Reinvest profits in experienced professionals, employees and new business.

Benefits can be enjoyed by individual professionals, project start-ups, all kinds of enterprises (small, medium, large) and public agencies.

The new platform aims to integrate a new search system to encourage collaboration.

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