Cadit 7 new Apps system


proyecto plataforma Delbion

The new CADIT release is breaking barriers. It allows stand alone applications. There are many enhancements coming from this new architecture.



Two keypoints:

  1. CADIT Apps can be deployed out of CADIT. Including the customer systems.
  2. Third party companies or customers can develop their own applications interacting with CADIT through the API.

As the beginning of a new age, we are refactoring 2 applications with this new technology: newsletters and tickets.



There are many more features coming with version 7:

data base icon 

New tables and controllers

Data is now easier to export and navigate than ever.

Find the desired data in real time.

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E-commerce invoicing improved

New options and possibilities.

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Enhanced reporting

Know more about your platform.

delbion cms icon  Apps better integration with your CMS contents
 splash new Paypal new options


Contact us for any further information or demonstration.