Delbion participates in the BBVA Open Talent and Red Innova 2012 program


Delbion participates with CADIT Market project into this edition.

This is the first fully online tool and market that allow users to create, sell and promote applications without programming skills.

CADIT Market is integrated into the CADIT core and belongs to the development strategy for CADIT Builder, a tool designed to allow users to create their own applications:


cadit builder market diagram


Users can benefit from existing functionality in the CADIT suite:

   - applications integration

   - customization

   - accessibility

   - scalability

   - access control

Currently there is no similar tool. For this reason we participate in this program of innovative technology-based projects.


take off

After people votes favourites projects, contest judges will select 20 final projects to be explained in Red Innova by the middle of June.

On June 7th, we will know if we are finalists.

Thanks to everyone for your participation.