Delbion CEO talks about his experience on a radio program, La Lanzadera


 programa radio lanzadera

Carlos Salgado, Delbion CEO, visited the studios of Radio Exterior of Spain to share his entrepreneurial experience in the program La Lanzadera, together with Thierry Casillas, manager of entrepreneurship area at Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI), one of the most prestigious institutions in Spain in the field of management training.

During the program, some important points were analyzed: situation of companies at the present time; economic and social context; organizations that work for supportting, training entrepreneurs; goverment actions fixed on entrepreneurship...


Carlos shared his view on the creation of companies in Spain and the current situation of entrepreneurship, and he provided his own experience creating Delbion.


Listen to the interview here (spanish)


Escuchar audioLa lanzadera - EOI: Creación de empresas - 27/02/13