Cadit, preparing platform version 6.2

Delbion will migrate for free and transparent to all its customers the May 10, 2012.

The new version of the platform will include:


CADIT logo CADIT and CMS core:
  • Better ergonomics in Apps integration within CMS.
  • Inclusion of embedded items without using frames.
  • Sending SMS from the sending application newsletters.
  • Redirection management domains online.
  • Improved integration with Google Analytics.
  • Search integrated with Lucene which indexes the contents of all the apps in a single search.
ECOMMERCE logo E-commerce platform:
  • Configuring Messaging and taxes for multiple locations.
  • Improved statistics system within CADIT Reports.
  • New payments gateways


In addition to dozens of small steps to improve and ease the daily work.