Cadit 6.1 is available

The migration has been successfull and only took 45 seconds. This minimum timings are the result of debugged cloud balancing.

These and other features are now available:


CADIT logo CADIT core and CMS:
  • Users and groups management improved.
  • Users added and linked information.
  • Multiples templates within the same site.
  • Improvements in the menu manager to allow custom permissions and multiple menus inside one or more pages of the same site.
  • Custom messages for non authorized nor connected users.
  • CMS pages can be composed with different blocks and permissions. The same page can show different contents and apps depending on the user permissions.
  • New Apps: the user processor allows to define permissions for the users before they register.
ECOMMERCE logo CADIT e-commerce:
  • Multiple independent shops allowed inside the same application portal.
  • Shop html is fully integrated inside the CMS code.


In addition to dozens of small steps to improve and ease the daily work.