Growth and ROI

The introduction of new products, diversification of supply, demand increase, e-commerce portals management ... are some of the potential actions that can be done through e-Commerce platform for Delbion.

This platform is an appropriate tool to increase sales and stimulate the growth of different business areas. Its features allow management of the entire process, from product and services, to sales reports and billing.

The flexibility and security of AurBox offer an application highly functional and perfectly integrated into your workspace. Scalability provides development according to its objectives and results.

Delbion Reports is a powerful tool for obtaining reports and charts, and integrates seamlessly into the platform of e-Commerce.


- Increase sales and profits
- Reduce costs (logistics, administrative proceedings...)
- Increase ROI
- Control sales figures with statistics and reports
- Obtain specific consumer profiles for each user profile/customer
- Detection of consumption patterns and trends
- Plan marketing and sale actions
- Access to new markets and customer segments
- Direct communication with customers
- Supplement to trade offline
- Information on products and services always updated


-Product catalog management (categories, features, price, availability, shipping time ...)
-Pricing rules management
(taxes and fees)
transport companies, prices according to characteristics (dimensions, weight, volume ...), date of receipt.
-Customer management
(billing, order confirmation, invoicing)
-Payment management
(card, bank transfer, PayPal, cash on delivery)
-Facilitate client access to products and services
-Customizable design

e-commerce dices

Delbion offers training and support to take full advantage of e-Commerce platform.



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