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Intranet CMS: centralized and secure information

Continuity of workflow is guaranteed by Delbion Intranet. The information required for each project is documented and available for those involved with its development.

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¿Why Delbion Intranet?

- Centralize information, no documents spread in e-mails, pen drives, CDs, shared network folders
- Updated information
- Manage and track tasks and projects
- Increase productivity and work performance
- Improve internal communication and collaboration
- Save space and time
Integrated AurBox Apps. Forms, e-commerce, file repositories, statistics, blogs, news and other applications perfectly integrated perfectly in the CMS

- Decrease costs (maintenance of physical documents, printing ...)
- Control access to information: decide who has access to information and what kind of information
- Custom designed corporate image


-Optimal documentation and information management (projects, corporate information, customers, suppliers, logistics, plans ...)
- User-defined structure depending on the type and volume of documentation
- Intuitive editor web management to update information on demand
- File gallery: space in disk to host documentation and media files
- Scalable: intranet grows according to information needs
- Suitable to any kind of user and company
- Serves as a  document repository
- Communication and collaboration tool
- Integration with other AurBox applications
- Corporate information cccess and diffusion 

Delbion offers users training and support.

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