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Internet CMS: publishing information on real time

Multiplying control of portals, sites and microsites from a centralized tool.

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¿Why Delbion Internet?

- Multiple websites. Delbion Internet flexibility allows you to create online multiple sites and microsites in one or multiple domains.
- Multiple management. User groups and roles allow you to configure who can modify, view and manage every area of one or more websites.
- Integrated AurBox Apps. Forms, e-commerce, file repositories, statistics, blogs, news and other applications integrated perfectly in the CMS.
- Integration with websites developed with other systems.
- Save time. A website with a custom template can be available online in hours.
- A single server holds hundreds of websites.
- Multiple appearances, by several configuration options and custom templates completely separated from content.
- SEO options
- Wysisyg editors


Delbion provides customized training services for users and customers.

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